Saturno Casa S.r.l


Saturno Casa, thanks to its flexibility and speed, manages to meet every customer’s need quickly even for orders in high quantities while maintaining a high quality of products and greater competitiveness thanks to industrialization processes.

The company is always looking for opportunities for the development of processes so that it can find alternative solutions to existing ones, with the use of new plants and technologies.

Mass production departments are able to process plastics slabs up to 2 m long and rolls of fabric up to 1.50 m high.

Customer requests are presented free of charge in the form of 3D drawings or samples set up with their own digital cutters in 24 hours thanks to the creativity of the internal design office.

The plant, fully energy efficient thanks to a modern photovoltaic system for generating electricity, is equipped with a quality control laboratory that has a wet-static climate cell, muffle electric oven, dynamometer, Mettler analytical scale, hundredth-course gauges and other specific tools.

High-frequency welding

The high-frequency welding process is used to achieve a definitive welding in a relatively short time of materials such as PVC and PU whatever thickness, whether coated or reinforced. The sectors in which we use this process are home, bathing and industry.

Continuous Quilting

The continuous quilting made with one of our high-frequency welding machines allows us to obtain materials joined together with different surface finishes that can be used to make wall coverings, fashion curtains, sea loungers, deckchairs and director chairs.


Saturno Casa specializes in sewing any type of fabric, from PVC to fake leather, from coupled materials to particularly valuable materials such as leather and alcantara. Thanks to the skill of the operators and the best sewing machines, every detail is taken care of by creating precise and defined products in detail.


Saturno Casa is also able to model thermo-plastic materials, thanks to the thermoforming process used mainly for the production of custom plates for customers who deal with cosmetics.


Die-cutting is a process that allows you to perform a precise cut of a product into sheets or slabs such as PVC, PPA, expanded, cardboard, etc. The great advantage of this process is that it allows the execution of identical and precise cuts especially when you have large quantities to produce. Our machine allows you to cut components ranging from a minimum of 150 mm to a maximum of 1500 mm.

Numeric-controlled cut

To optimize the processing of fine fabrics such as leather or alcantara or for the cutting of particular materials such as plastic or plexiglass, the processes of nesting and automatic cutting are used that reduce working time and give a precise repeatability. Using the acquired data, the optimal nesting of the shapes is established and the consumption of materials is optimized, thanks to the elimination of defects, reducing the costs of the raw material. This ensures the excellent quality of the finished product.