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Saturno Casa S.r.l It was founded in 1981 by the Saturn group, founded in Turin in 1957, which was responsible for the construction of interior coatings for the automotive market and had developed, among the first in Italy, the technology of high-frequency welding of PVC. Since 1981, Saturno Casa has applied electro-sales technology in the manufacture of household items, industry, bathroom, camping, office and promotional items; The company has also developed complementary die and seam processes. Thanks to the internal design capability, customers are offered custom design proposals with 3D designs, followed by samples in a short time. Today Saturno Casa has expanded the production areas, ranging from traditional ones, such as household objects and custom gadgets to the sectors of ecology, bathing and boating establishments, as well as industry with custom containers; the current emergency situation has also stimulated the company in the health sector, with the production of masks and more.


The company is equipped with a quality management system that conforms to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for design. production and marketing of die-shaped items, sewn electrosales and thermoforms in plastic and fabrics for home, outdoors, ecology, packaging and industry.

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Environment & Collectivity

The company is sensitive to current stresses both in the environmental field, as proposed by Agenda 2030, and in the social sphere, as a response to the current emergency. The attention to the environment is realized by choosing recycled material or with minimal environmental impact, as well as with the production of items functional to the recycling. In the social sphere, the company has committed from the outset, in full emergency, to produce masks of high technical level that can help the community to move freely in full respect of their own health and others.

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In the current period of emergency, Saturno Casa has converted part of its



Saturno Casa puts its skills to

service of industries…


In the field of ecology, products are offered

for separate collection…

Beach & Boat

As of September 2019,

acquisition of the LGB company, Saturno Casa has

expanded the processing sectors…

Home & Outdoor

It is the historical sector of the company: starting from the

1981 Saturno Casa offers products for the



Saturno Casa is dedicated to other products of

different areas…


Saturno Casa, thanks to its flexibility and speed, manages to meet every customer’s need quickly even for orders in high quantities while maintaining a high quality of products and greater competitiveness thanks to the processes of industrialization…

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Turning the crisis into an opportunity: the production of protective masks

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