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In the current period of emergency, Saturno Casa has converted part of its production for the creation of devices for the protection of the person, such as filter masks, protective screens and para-wind barriers, to which are added other cases for medical devices.

Our filter masks have passed the necessary tests for type II medical use. Our Ninja range includes single-use FFM under Ordinance No. 11/2020 and those reusable up to 10 times including Kids for Children, Adult Light and Sketch-Resistant Double.

We produce on-demand deaf masks with transparent window to read the lip, for Bluetooth earbuds with laces instead of elastic, customized with branded screenprint or colored with digital printing in processchrome. The FFP2 mask is also under development.

The protective visors have a curved transparent compact rigid polycarbonate screen with ultrasonic welded black elastic tape and white expanded polyethylene spaced applied via transparent biadesuit

The over-counter/desk parafix barriers are 3 mm thick transparent metacrylate, with rounded corners, with a window 300 mm x h 100 mm, with 2 interlocking support fins (75 mm plus 75 mm) x h 150 mm, 100 mm away from the side edge

The heart massage cases are disposable and serve to protect the medical device and the patient during the massage

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