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Turning the crisis into an opportunity: the production of protective masks

Turning the crisis into an opportunity: the production of protective masks

In the period between March and June 2020 I wrote a thesis trying to systematize the situation created with the spread of the Covid-19 deepening the economic impacts, the certification process to follow in the realization of the masks and the case of Saturno Casa, a company that has converted its business for the production of the devices.

Here is a brief summary of the work:

Following the severe crisis caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the high need for protective equipment to secure the entire population has encouraged many companies to start the manufacture of masks by modifying all or part of their production sectors.

To cope with this emergency, Piedmont has moved to the forefront, first with the publication by the Polytechnic of Turin of the Technical Report of April 2020 where the minimum standards and the need for masks needed to be able to restart safely were indicated.

In addition, Saturno Casa S.r.l is part of that group of Piedmontese companies that have decided to join the initiative to produce masks, partially overhauling its production organization: it has managed to optimize its conversion using machinery already in its possession and using a short supply chain where all suppliers, from elastic to materials, are within the Piedmont context. Thanks to his specialization in the use of electronic welding technology and the collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, he has created a prototype innovative mask approved by the Higher Institute of Health and comparable to a Class II medical device.

The Saturn group can be considered an example of a positive reaction to the state of emergency that has been determined as a result of the pandemic by exploiting its resources and expertise.

Alberto Pettiti

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